Why We Can’t Get Enough of Noga Erez

We’re lucky to say that a few good things have come out of being quarantined for nearly a year. For starters, being at home and on the phone means having more time for discovering some pretty amazing acts. Artists that awe, inspire, and give us the heavy dose of joy we all need right now. And Noga Erez is just that sort of breath of fresh air.

This Israeli producer, musician, and all-around badass is one of our favorite discoveries of the year across any platform. Noga Erez can do pretty much everything, from dreamy dessert folk songs to in-the-pocket hip hop renditions. Covers of artists like Anderson .Paak and a 2017 Apple Music commercial partnership fit quite nicely with the rest of her bag of tricks.

We love artists who can break the molds that the music industry’s pesky genre categorization cage them into. Which is why it’s so inspiring to see Erez bring a zero f*cks attitude to what a singer-songwriter is usually defined as. Her eclectic sound can span anything and everything from Gorillaz to Kendrick Lamar, and her live video production is masterful–each release more of a piece of art than the last.

To say we have a girl crush on her would be a massive understatement, as you can tell by the endless gushing. But at the heart of our infatuation with Noga Erez lies the fact that she has somehow always managed to stay relevant during the pandemic–whether through her powerful lyrics, consistent stream of new performances and videos, or general girl boss persona. Her work is a 101 on how to turn international boundaries on their head, breaking them down one catchy musical creation at a time.