Tigre Studios & Ace Props Present: SUSU

On Friday, May 19th, music lovers were treated to an extraordinary and otherworldly experience at the one-night-only live performance by SUSU at the renowned venue, Ace Props Miami. The air filled with genre-bending, supernatural, and shapeshifting sounds that oozed from the groove of SUSU, captivating the audience from the moment they took the stage.

The atmosphere at Ace Props overflowed with soulful tunes spun by DJ Alberto Khoudari as everyone sipped on specialty cocktails crafted by Santa Teresa Rum.

The captivating presence of SUSU is undeniable. With their high-octane energy and a unique blend of rock and roll, they transported the audience to a whole new dimension. The band’s chemistry and stage presence were palpable. They effortlessly fused elements of rock, soul, and various other genres, creating a sound that was both familiar and refreshingly unique. Their sonic stories, influenced by ancestry and delivered with an unparalleled passion, resonated deeply with all in attendance. Each song carried an undeniable aura of power and raw emotion, leaving the crowd spellbound. 

It’s evident SUSU is at the forefront of a rock music revival. Their fearless approach to pushing boundaries and their ability to captivate and engage the audience is a testament to the resurgence of rock as a genre. Through their music, SUSU proves that rock is making a major comeback, thanks to artists like them who infuse it with a fresh, modern twist.