Tigre Den New Single Release: Fémina – “Inmortales / Jenny La del Barrio”

Sisters Sofía and Clara Trucco of Argentine folk-fusion duo Fémina have returned to Miami bearing the gift of a brand new mashup. When we asked them to drop by Tigre Studios, we had no idea what magic lay ahead.

“We had already played in Miami, invited by Izzy, in 2017. Since then we’ve been looking forward to coming back here and doing something else together,” Sofía says, referring to the genesis of the release of “Inmortales / Jenny La del Barrio” for Tigre Den. “It was great to sing at Tigre Studios and to be able to record how special, intimate and relaxed the meeting with the audience was. It’s such a beautiful space. It was as if we were in the living room at home.”

 (You can stream the new single here and you can watch the full performance below.) 


As its title implies, the performed song is a medley, a mix of tunes that are put together to form a longer piece of music. “We chose to make a mash-up between ‘Inmortales’, one of our songs, and two fun songs that are ‘Jenny La del Barrio’ and ‘Si Yo Fuera Rica.’ These are free versions in Spanish of ‘Jenny from the Block’ by Jennifer Lopez and ‘Rich Girl’ by Gwen Stefani, respectively. We used to listen to both songs in the 2000s… Who wouldn’t?!,” exclaims Sofía. “So we were amused by the idea of ​​making our own versions of those lyrics and those catchy beats that made us move so many times. We had lots of fun.”

This release finds Fémina with a new lineup. “Now we’re playing with a new format that sounds beautiful, together with Uji and Cruz, two wonderful musicians, who enhance the sound and spirit of the project. On that side, we’re grateful and excited about this exploration of a new sound,” explains the older of the Trucco sisters. After all, it’s a good way to reinvent that mystical-scented folklore-electronica-hip-hop stew they’ve been cooking up for years, with groundbreaking studio albums and fruitful international tours.

For more than a decade, Fémina was a trio, until Clara Miglioli – aka Claridad – decided to take another course in 2021. “It was a radical change. It shook us completely. We’re going through a super sensitive stage, shedding our skin, processing a long time of going one way, adapting to change, and figuring out where to go next and how to get there, all with calm and gratitude,” Sofia concludes. Fémina as a duo continues to keep us eagerly on our toes. With constant reinvention and evolution, they are in the prime of a renaissance we recommend you stay tuned in for.

Stream “Inmortales / Jenny La del Barrio” here now

All photos by: @gabriellepeige