5 Flamenco Fusion Albums You Can’t Miss

We’ve partnered with Spanish-born, London-based pianist and composer Salvador Sanchez to spotlight some of the most underrated Spanish Flamenco fusion artists of our time. Each album uniquely blends a variety of genres, offering an eclectic and captivating sound. Explore the albums below for your listening pleasure.

Calima – Solo Volar (2012)

“Jazzy Flamenco Pop bangers from front to back”


Elbicho – II (2005)

“Hard hitting Flamenco jazz rock fusion”


Exquirla – Para quienes aun viven (2017)

“Expansive and distorted walls of sound with expressive flamenco vocals”


Pata Negra – Inspiracion y Locura (1990)

“Good vibe with Flamenco blues and ska for sunny weather”


Triana – Un Encuentro (1980)

“Catchy flamenco + psych rock fusion ”