Tigre Studios & Rhythm Foundation Present: Meridian Brothers

On July 12th, our free summer Global Concert Series with Rhythm Foundation came to a mesmerizing close with the Meridian Brothers lighting up the stage at the Miami Beach Bandshell. It was an unforgettable evening filled with delectable psychedelic vibes that left the audience on a high.

Opening the night was the enigmatic Cumbia queen, Krishna Villar, whose beats effortlessly captivated the audience. With her intoxicating blend of rhythm and soul, Villar set the ideal tone for the evening.

As the spotlight shifted to the Meridian Brothers, they did not disappoint. Their music transcended boundaries and took the audience on a euphoric journey through genres, cultures, and emotions. The band’s unique blend of global sounds, coupled with their signature psychedelic twist, left a lasting mark on all those present.

The Miami Beach Bandshell was alive with the vibrant energy of the Tigre fam, coming together to revel in the magic of live music.

As we bid adieu to this fantastic concert series for the summer, we extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to its success – the talented artists, the dedicated organizers, and most importantly, the passionate audience. It is your unwavering support that fuels events like these and makes them possible.

While this may mark the end of the free summer Global Concert Series, follow along with us as we continue unearthing musical gems and curating experiences that defy the ordinary.

Photos: Daniel Zuliani