Photo by My Modern Met

Design & Artist Spotlight: Victoria Villasana

We know that art, like music is meant to shed light on our many shared experiences, the cultural qualities that unite–rather than divide. Victoria Villasana, a Mexican multi-media and textile artist is dedicated to unearthing connection through her art. Her creations are places where pattern and color run freely, coming together in unexpected ways. The trademark woven designs overlaying black & white photos bring rhythm and movement to otherwise captured still-lifes in time.

Villasana’s work is dynamic in more ways than one. The embroidery is almost always left unfinished, like the many stories that never get told. Her art’s approachability allows for the deeper themes to land more profoundly for everyone who observes them. It’s no surprise that her pieces have exhibited around the world–from the U.N. Headquarters to the Saatchi Gallery.