Tigre Studios & Rhythm Foundation Present: Hermanos Gutiérrez

As the sun set on the longest day of the year, the guitar duo Hermanos Gutiérrez, took the stage at the Miami Beach Bandshell.

The sold-out show filled up the Bandshell. Before the performance, there was even a standby line wrapping around the block. By the time the brothers took the stage, the crowd was ready — and already a little sweaty. The heat of the summer solstice in Miami didn’t stop the audience from having a great time.

Los hermanos’ set went on for over an hour — including a little encore performance — and they played a bevy of fan favorites and songs from their latest album, including a medley.

Their music is pure instrumental — the guitar strings do all the singing for them. No vocals needed. It’s almost mystifying how their music is so captivating without saying a single word. And yet, each song says so much and expresses all sorts of emotions.

It’s hard to accurately describe their sound. A mix of Latin and Western music. As they strum the strings on their guitars, it’s like they release an energy that charges through you. The crowd was swaying, eyes closed, and just letting the music move their bodies.

The brothers vibed off each other and would exchange glances and share unspoken words that helped move the music forward. During one song in particular, “El Camino de mi Alma,” Estevan Gutiérrez explained how every time they play it, they feel a certain energy with each other, their instruments, and the audience.

Another beautiful song the brothers gave insight on was “Esperanza,” which was written during the pandemic. It was imbued with a sense of optimism and hope that certainly spilled over with each chord.

Made up of two real-life brothers, Alejandro and Estevan Gutiérrez, the pair began playing less than a decade ago. They reside in Switzerland, where they were raised by their Ecuadorian mother and Swiss father.

Check them out on Spotify and follow them on Instagram for the latest.

Photos: Daniel Zuliani