Tigre Selector: Killabeatmaker’s Medallo Tropical

Get lost in the sounds of some of Killabeatmaker‘s favorites. A blend of Afro Colombian sounds with electronic Afrobeats, amapiano and cumbia. Hit shuffle on his playlist, Medallo Tropical here.

Don’t miss the Medellin born DJ this Friday, May 10th, at  ZeyZey as he follows Yasser Tejeda on stage. Tickets here. Use code TIGRE5 for $5 off.

About Killabeatmaker

Killabeatmaker is a DJ and producer from Medellín, Colombia, mixing global rhythms with urban beats and deep bass sounds. His inspiration comes from his Afro-Colombian and indigenous roots, as well as, from the collaboration with versatile artists around the world. Killa (Moon in the Quechua language) mixes traditional sounds and rhythms with urban and electronic rhythms. 

As a producer and engineer, he has been working with artists of international level  for more than 15 years, and is well respected in the music industry in Colombia, for his sound and ability to work with different musical genres.

Killabeatmaker’s debut EP Fauna was released in June 2019, talking about the diverse nature and culture of Colombia, that at same time is being destroyed.

He is an energetic live performer who also uses his vocals, freestyle skills and beat boxing in the DJ sets. 

Although his solo project is only emerging, he has played already more than 80 shows in Colombia and in 11 different European countries.