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4 Creatives Killing it Behind the Scenes

The phrase “It takes a village” could not be more relevant when discussing musical artists. While the world might connect with the singer or the band, there’s a whole team of creatives developing what that brand sounds, looks, and feels like. It’s time to pull back the curtain and discuss some creatives building up some beautiful artists behind the scenes:

Pedro Artola

This young mind is the creative director behind many an easy, breezy music video and photo shoot campaign. Pedro Artola‘s perpetual summer aesthetic is perfect for the equally light music of acts like Guitarricadelafuente and Gabriela Richardson, and working with brands like Jacquemus. If you’re looking for something clean and classic, he’s where to look.

Ivis Flies

The dawning of the digital age has expanded the possibility for many producers to explore and create across all platforms. Ivis Flies is one such musical mastermind whose musical touch you’ve probably already heard before. Working with AYA Records and Ecuadorian powerhouses like Mateo Kingman, this producer has a singularly potent sound that you can’t escape.


Yoana Grass

As musical styles expand, so do the numbers of audiences searching to get into all kinds of new musical avenues. Yoana Grass is a driving force behind Cuba’s music media platform, AM/PM Magazine. She’s a foremost knowledge on all things Cuban and Latin music and has been a guest host and music selector on big radio platforms like Worldwide FM.

Worldwide FM

Maca Migno

Representing Chile’s booming creative scene, Maca Migno is a renaissance woman, capable of doing pretty much anything. Director, art director, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, performer…she does it all. We first caught onto her singular style from Vitu Valera’s most recent release campaign, and after a serious rabbit hole of looking at her feeds, we’re obsessed.