Tigre Den Release: Miluhska

Originally published: September 23, 2022

At this point, it’s clear that when an artist comes to Tigre Studios, it’s more than likely that something different will happen. Miluhska’sLoba release, of course, is doubly special. Because it’s not just about listening and watching her perform a brand new song. It’s also about witnessing a whole new facet of her as a singer-songwriter. That all this happens through Tigre is no coincidence, although it certainly seems the work of fate.

“This was born in Tigre, so I think it only makes sense to do it there,” says Miluhska, whose breakneck career began not long ago as a DJ. “Tigre has come into my life at such divine timing. They’ve become a part of my story and my transition from DJ to singer-songwriter. So releasing and recording ‘Loba’ with them is a full circle moment for sure.”

Loba imposes a sensual rhythm from the beginning, clearly Afro-Latin, but it fuels towards the end and even becomes a bit rocker. “This song was actually inspired by another song I did, it’s an electronic dance track called ‘Lola’. The first time I went to Tigre Studios for a jam session, I sang that song over a guitar and ended up freestyling new melodies,” she explains about how “Loba” came to be. “I rewrote the entire song. It’s like part 2 of Lola’s story.” 

The recording came out better than I could’ve ever imagined,” says Miluhska, who regularly hits the dance floors with her partners Zunji and Phoenix, as part of the all-female DJ collective Roujeee Tunes. “I had zero expectations. I trusted the process, my team, the musicians involved, and Tigre, of course. It all really just fell into place so beautifully.”

For years, Miluhska thought she wasn’t “good enough” because she didn’t have a big voice, like Beyoncé or Christina Aguilera. Until one day Billie Eilish came along, and then she understood that she didn’t need to sing so loudly to stand out. “Billie has greatly inspired my sound, she helped me find my tone and allowed me to step out of the box I put myself in. I have a soft, warm tone of voice, so it was key for me to listen and sing Billie’s music,” says the singer and DJ, who also points out influences from Rosalia, C. Tangana and Solomun. “I grew up having a deep love for music, it has always been a part of me. It was just a matter of time for me to realize this was the path I needed to take instead of giving myself excuses or looking for other things to fulfill me,” she simplifies her musical background.

You can stream the single on all platforms here.

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Still haven’t gotten enough of Loba? No problem! We’ve got two new songs just released via EP, a soulful cover of C. Tangana’s “Un Veneno” and an incredible medley of Billie Eilish’s’s “Billie Bossa Nova” and Shakira’s’s “Hay Amores.” You can steam both track now here.


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