A few weeks back, we had the pleasure of hosting emerging Latin R&B songstress Manu Manzo at Tigre Studios for a live intimate acoustic session. She shared with us her new single, Pobre Diablo –  part of her newest album, “Luna En Geminis”, created during the height of the global pandemic. The song explores honest themes around heartbreak, even including a snippet from a personal voice note, while her album speaks to her zodiac moon sign.

The album, all the way down to the cover art, was all-female created. She explains that the feminine POV in this collection was helpful to her. During the session, Manu let the audience in on her emotional journey over the past couple of years, with the end a long-term relationship after the sudden death of her grandmother. The gym and the studio were her outlets, and thus, this heartfelt album.

Though her lyrics throughout the album continue with a positive spin, she feels that the moody vibe of the overall albums shows what she was ultimately feeling. Then again, that’s precisely the paradox that the album embodies. With the title being “Luna En Geminis”, Manu’s music embraces the polarities of life: I touch on heartbreak, loss, masking pain, really feeling it, partying, loving- yourself and others, lusting & resenting.  A Gemini moon individual, in general, is blessed with the ability to communicate his or her feelings, and that’s precisely what Manu does for us in this album.

Her single, Pobre Diablo, mixes trap pop, reggaetón, and violins recorded in Argentina for a full-bodied experience. Manu continues to touch our hearts in her vulnerable approach, with many of us being able to fully understand where she’s coming from. In her gift to authentically share, she helps others to feel less alone. We’re excited to see what all Manu Manzo continues to do, as she continues to share her inner world though the melodies and storytelling of music.

Photographs by Gabrielle Peige