Cover art by Saul Cuevas

6 New Releases We’re Excited About

A lot of this are going on in the world right now, and while your attention might be elsewhere (understandably), we want to make sure you don’t miss some delicious new releases that have come out in the past month. Here’s our current selection:

Valeria Castro – “La Corriente” (Spain)

Hailing from Spain’s Islas Canarias, we love Valeria Castro for her light-hearted approach to a Flamenco-infused Indie sound. Her sweet vocals pair perfectly with a single guitar for the kind of music made for slow mornings.

Andrekza – “Nerviosa” (Venezuela)

The original track to Andrekza’s “Nerviosa” was released in early December, but the video just came out this week. Signed to Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label, this Venezuelan singer fuses her quirky style with an upbeat take on Latin dream pop.

Maria Jose Llergo – “Tu Piel” (Cordoba)

We’ve been gushing over Maria Jose Llergo for a bit now, and while she might have blown away a few newcomers with this Colors premiere just last month, we’re still excited about it just the same.

Mel Muñiz – “Constelacion” (Argentina)

Making Buenos Aires proud with her singular style and nostalgic aesthetic, Mel Muñiz is definitely one of those artists to add to your rotation. In a single song, we’ll hear bits of Billie Holiday, Monsieur Periné, and Natalia LaFourcade so you really shouldn’t miss this one.

Cumbiasound – Cosas Del Universo (Denmark)

In case you wondered about Cumbia’s influence around the world, allow us to present to you this funky band all the way from Denmark. Our resident musical advisor, Pablo Borchi put Cumbiasound’s new EP on our radar, and we’re glad he did.

Vivian Oranch – “MAGIA” (Colombia)

With a little bit of everything, Vivian Oranch is as versatile as up-and-comers get. If you’re looking to discover a new voice in Latin hip-hop, r&b, and soul, look no further than this one who’s bound to blow up.