Ride the Afro-Futuristic Spaceship that is Supergombo’s “SigiTolo”

Supergombo is an exciting new offshoot of a unique cultural blend made in France. Their Afrofunk sound could be derived from the Tout Puissant Orchestre, Poly-Rhythmo, and the Headhunters, blended with influences like Senegalese Mbalax, Congolese Soukous, and classic funk and jazz.

But you would never really think of their sound as “world music,” although they do retain its frenzied, uncontrollable rhythm. Supergombo’s seven musicians also know how to slow down and take their time. They borrow other influences from Bamako to Ouagadougou, with a stopover in la Guillotiere, a lively Lyon neighborhood known for its own cultural mix.

Guillaume Pluton and Jerome Bartolome with their horns, Romain Nassini and Francis Larue or the harmony, David Doris from Reunion Island and Wendlavim ZabsonrĂ© from Burkina Faso on percussions and drums–all of them involved in the writing and arrangements. With references such as Tony Allen and Daft Punk, their message is clear–they’re gonna make you dance.

And on their latest release, SigiTolo, that dancing will take place on the funkiest spaceship in the galaxy. Fuel-tanks bursting with afro-funk, Supergombo navigates fearlessly through these unchartered, futuristic territories. Polyrhythmic percussion thrusters weave a devastating groove that blasts a path through the asteroid fields, destroying the largest with killer drum breaks and deflecting the rest with their deep bass vibrations.

Soft landings and brutal blast-offs, hyperspace joystick at full-throttle, mission SigiTolo leads Supergombo to explore verdant and hostile planets, moonscapes perfect for meditation, and surreal worlds where technology rules over human lifeforms, reducing them to simple electronic components. Illuminated by its shimmering keyboards the Supergombo odyssey embarks on a cinematic and retro-futuristic quest.