What’s Shakin’ in Tigre Studios

Last year, we set out on a musical journey during a time where most others in the world were deprived of live music. With a small group, we set up two chairs, a mic, and floor pillows to enjoy what has now come to be known as the infamous Tigre Jams. That moment in our lives was not only transformation, but therapeutic. To see the smiles on our faces as Gaiya and Xperimento performed was a memory none of us will ever forget. What started in that small office that evening showed us the importance of cultivating the closeness of community in a time where we needed each other the most. Since then, we’ve put an ocean of love into the space, partnering with macramé artist, Yelitza Barrios, to set up a stage in our main room, buying a jungle of plants, and hanging artworks by creatives from around the world on our Tigre Shop Wall. The space has become a place to play and make magic with talented local and global artists. To learn more about what’s shakin’ in the Tigre Den, keep scrolling!

Industry Showcases

One of the biggest highlights in studio is our jam sessions, featuring artists both globally and locally. With Veza Sur and Topo Chico keeping all of us hydrated, we groove into the night with various styles and sounds that mix and mingle. Some of our most notable appearances include Ruggero, Cimafunk, Kat Dahlia, Elena Rose, Twin Palms, Soul ClapLATENIGHTJIGGY, Raquel Sofia, Yoli Mayor, and so many more.

Kat Dahlia and Twin Palms photographed by Gabrielle Peige / Cimafunk photographed by Gabrielle Peige / LATENIGHTJIGGY photographed by The Show Agency 


Deezer Latin Interviews

One of the top streaming platforms that you’ve probably already heard of, Deezer Latino, known for their incredible sound quality and intimate artist spotlights, hosts a few of their interviews and podcasts right here in Tigre Studios. Two of their most notable guests includes Colombian rockstar Juanes and Argentine pop star, Maria Becerra. We can’t wait to see what Deezer Latino has in store for the rest of the year.


Raw Figs Nude Figure Drawing Class

Part of what makes the studio special is that we’re interested in creating an entire ecosystem of talented artists. We love our painters, graphic designers, videographers, and yes, our drawers. We partnered up with Raw Figs on an evening earlier this month where local Miami creatives could come and sketch their unique perception of the model, light, textures, and the space. We found that by bringing people together within the space who are likeminded, we create a genuine sense of connection and community.

Raw Figs x Tigre Studios photographed by Sofi Perazzo 

Musician Jam Nights

As Miami’s iconic storyteller, Pola Bunster, so eloquently put, “The Jams are a powerful kickstarter to generate new artistic connections, resulting in an authentic social experience for music and industry-oriented creatives to relax, have a drink and dance. Label reps from Universal and Sony are often regulars, as are some of the biggest names in the Latin Trap and music scene who are now calling Miami home.”

Vale Photographed by Gabrielle Peige


Up and Coming

While September studio happenings are still getting their appropriate dates, what we can tell you is that we have an epic line-up in the works. Think full moon / new moon journal sessions, self-portrait workshops, art exhibitions, dance classes, songwriting camps, vintage markets, and so much more. Our Tigre Online Shop is also getting a few new artisans, such as talented ceramicist designer, Uma Ceramics. If you’re interested in staying updated on what’s to come, follow along on our studios Instagram page, @tigrestudios.

Lookout for Tigre at a Venue Near You

While our studio jams are small and intimate, we’re excited to be branching out to local venues in town. One of our favorite, most magical, and most memorable shows was Selvatica – a show performed by Gaiya and her band in the heart of Wynwood at Veza Sur. With hundreds of RSVPs dancing all night, we truly felt the warmth and support of community at its finest. Stay on the lookout for our next local venue performance. We’ll see you there!