Playlist Vol. 48: Paz, Amor y Fania All-Stars

Fania All-Stars was more than just a group, their story encompasses the birth of salsa music and the global spread of Latin culture.

Inspired by this revolutionary group and time in history, we are hosting the ultimate salsa party. Our Tigre Studios Tribute to Fania All-Stars on Saturday, April 22nd, will be true celebration of salsa, the Fania All-Stars, and music lovers.

We are thrilled to unveil what will be one of many exciting salsa parties. Our debut night will include a fully stacked lineup of talent including an all-star 13 piece salsa band led by Musical Director, Ronald Quiroz, and comprised of some of Miami and New York City’s beloved salseros including Leslie Cartaya,Julio Cesartwo-time GRAMMY Award nominee, Anthony Almonte, and special guest, Aymée Nuviola.

Party will be hosted at a secret location in Downtown Miami. Location will be emailed to ticket holders the day before the party.

This is a party devoted to celebrating the Fania All-Stars and legacy sounds. Made by artists for true music lovers. Get the party started early by hitting shuffle on our Paz, Amore, y Fania All-Stars playlist and grab your tickets here