Playlist Vol. 51: Rum & Coke Summer Picks

We teamed up with Rum & Coke, the Miami-based Afro-Caribbean Latin dance party and DJ collective, to curate the summer playlist of your dreams. It’s heating up out there so stay cool with this oasis of sounds. Our friends Jesus Rodriguez (Dominican Republic), James Alvarez-Bacon, better known as DJ Kumi (Nicaragua), and Harold Fandino (Colombia) have put together what can only be described as psychedelic tropical breezy tunes to get you dancing through this heat. Hit shuffle on Rum & Coke Summer Picks.

Jesus’ Picks:

  • Erick Cosaque – Guadeloupe, Île De Mes Amours (Guadalupe)
  • Rogê – Existe Uma Voz (Brazil)
  • Les Gypsies De Petion-Ville – La Priè (Haiti)
  • Manteca – Son Montuno (Cuba via Miami)
  • La Logia Sarabanda – Guayaba (Uruguay)

Kumi’s Picks:

  • Ray Baretto – Alafia Camaye (NYC, Puerto Rico)
  • Copa 7 – Mulher Absoluta (Brasil)
  • Najib Al Housh – Ya Aen Daly (Libya)
  • Son Palenque – Tungulala (El sapo) (Colombia)
  • Sam Fan Thomas – Molega (Cameroon)

Harold’s Picks

  • The Good Simaritans – Onughara (Nigeria)
    • An intoxicating and hypnotic slice of highlife known as Edo Funk from Benin City, Nigeria. Big song at our Rum & Coke parties.
  • Yellowman – Reggea Calypso (Jamaica)
    • Catchy dancehall song with calypso influences that leaves a lasting impression on listeners. “hot hot hot” 
  • Abelardo Carbono – Muevela (Colombia)
    • Champeta criolla master Abelardo inspired by legendary producer/composer Giorgio Moroder’s arpeggiated riff on Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” We have confirmed that this will indeed start a conga line (ZeyZey opening weekend was a crazy one). 
  • Juan Luis Guerra – Fogarete (Dominican Republic) 
    • Congo soukous guitar by way of Dominican Republic. 
    • Calixto Ochoa – El Africano (Colombia)
      • Opening riff will fire up your dance floor instantly. 


Cover photo via World Red Eye