Cover photo by Javier Rosa via El Pais

7 Artists You Need to be Listening to Right Now

We know that there’s a constant barrage of new things to watch, read, or listen to. It’s a constant anxiety of what you might be missing in the world, and which hidden gems are going under the radar. Well, we’re here to make the discovery process much more easy. Here are seven (mostly female) artists you need to be listening to right now.

Loli Molina (Argentina)

Currently based in Mexico, this Argentinean singer-songwriter instantly reels you in with an almost ethereal sound. Loli Molina debuted her first album in 2008 and since then has been generating tons of buzz, including several awards and nominations. Her latest release, “Mensajes en el Mar” is striking, but we like this Sabino collaboration the most.

Maria Yfeu (Spain)

If one of the things that dazzled us the most about Amy Winehouse–other than the trademark velvety voice–was her musical maturity at such a young age, Maria Yfeu has inherited this trait in spades. The Spanish songstress oozes jazz-like vocals with every song, and transports you to another time with a nostalgic sound. Her spunk and lyrical themes, however, bring you right back to the charged present.

Fiebre (Ecuador)

Things are heating up fast for Ecuador, especially with emerging artists like this one leading the pack of new music. Fiebre embodies that sort of airy, r&b pop sound that’s propelled by electronic foundations. A sounds that is very on trend right now and we can’t help but feel instantly addicted to, no matter where the artist creating it is from.

Julia Konrad (Brazil)

We love a good multi-dimensional artist and this Brazilian powerhouse is a perfect definition of it. Julia Konrad, known to many as a successful Brazilian actress is recently jumping into the world of music and, dare we say it, killing it. Fueled with a tropical, personality her smokey vocals bring a emotional breath to her music. We can’t wait to see what’s in store.

TéCanela (Spain)

We’re all in need of some good and positive vibes right now, and this Spanish duo is here to serve us just that. Jano Fernández (guitar and voice) and Ariadna Rubio (voice and transverse flute) create TéCanela, and blend a myriad of musical sounds, a general positive outlook on life, and a great space for collaboration together to form some seriously upbeat and sweet tunes.

La Familia de Ukeleles (Argentina)

If you’re looking to be transported to the past through music, this Argentinean outfit is the perfect plane ticket. La Familia de Ukeleles is a sextet of fantastically talented musicians who repurpose classic songs and standards and infuse them with the eclectic characteristics of genres like folk, swing, bolero and more.

Chita (Argentina)

There’s a wealth of wonderful talent coming out of Argentina, which means not much has changed. This Buenos Aires artist’s sound might have evolved over the years, but her raw talent is unwavering. CHITA can make you swoon with angelic and profound lyrics, or get you dancing with more recent tunes that waver on the side of reggaeton. But we’re not complaining.