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5 New Tracks to Be Excited About

It’s easy to feel down about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with the kind of year 2020 has turned out to be. But one thing that has persevered among the blaze is the creation and release of new music by some artists we are keeping close eyes on right now. So here’s a selection of tracks I’m excited about and why you should be too:

Reina Leona, “MÁSCARA – Soy  Bárbara”

Reina Leona is a Queen from another planet. If you dig the fierce, female energy of Nathy Peluso with a touch of Bad Gyal vibes, you’ll definitely fall in love with every track from this talented songwriter and performer. This is your Friday night jam to let loose to.  

Kali Uchis, “Vaya Con Dios”

Colombian-American Kali Uchis just put out a full length album in Español, and pretty much the entire collection of songs feels like the soundtrack to a sultry black and white romantic film from the 40s. Perfect for the next time you’re trying to seduce someone over a romantic candlelit dinner. 

Calacote, “La Vega (Fresh Tomato)”

The novelty of Calacote is that while you might confuse him for a Brooklyn hipster on the streets of Williamsburg, this Dominican graduate student-turned Dembow artist is actually making some of the sickest tri-lingual quips that will convert anyone into a fan. This is your anytime track, because anytime is a good time for Dembow.

El Individuo, “Reacciona”

Do you also hold a special space in your heart for music that is deep, profound and actually has something to say? El Individuo is one of Havana’s most brilliant minds, and even if you don’t understand the beautiful lyrics (which speak to the harm we are causing to the nature around us), you can just get lost in the soothing and hypnotic beat. Perfect for contemplative long drives in the car. 

Ignacio Maria Gomez “Omeñiso”

This entire album is a gift from the heavens – a meditative mix of rhythms, cultures and languages that ooze ethereal and sublime vibes. It’s the perfect album to accompany a sunset, a glass of wine, and some very zen-ed out company.