Courtesy of Earth Agency

Tigre Radar: Branko, the Portuguese Powerhouse

Branko is a Portuguese DJ/producer who has been dominating the underground global bass scene in Lisbon with his Afro-Portuguese dance beats. His early days began DJ-ing alongside Buraka Som Sistema, another Portuguese favorite best known for their electronic fusion of  Zouk + Kuduro rhythms. (If you don’t know their song Kalembe yet, do yourself a favor and listen to this right now). Lisbon has a growing, vibrant music scene, and Branko is the perfect soundtrack for a city ripe with so much color and culture. The African influence is exactly what elevates the dance clubs of Lisbon to be one of our favorite cities to get lost in. His 2015 album Atlas brought us incredible collaborations with vocalists like Princess Nokia and Mayra Andrade, though the real gem is “Let Me Go” featuring South African singer Nonku Phiri (and California’s Mr. Carmack).

Branko stays connected to Lisbon via his radio show Enchufada Na Zona, which shares a name with his most recent release (featuring artists like Dengue Dengue Dengue from Peru!) The truth is, and trust us on this one – if Branko is spinning a party, anywhere on this planet, you absolutely, without any doubt in our minds, definitely want to be there.