Tigre Den: Kaylee Ameri – “Ready Pa Ti”

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity of hosting rising star, Kaylee Ameri in our studio for her upcoming release of her latest song, “Ready Pa Ti“. This young artist has cultivated a unique R&B sound for herself, with vocals intermixed in the track of both Spanish and English. We might say that her multi-cultural influence, with roots from Ecuador and Iran, has given her a special propositioning in the world of R&B music.


When we first met Kaylee, she was opening at Miami’s Veza Sur for artist LATENIGHTJIGGY. In her conversations with the audience in between songs, it was clear that she carries passion and that she strives to inspire other artists to pursue their musical careers, despite any fears they may face.

Kaylee’s first single, “Give It Up“, reached recognizable success with the use of her Twitter account. Like many artists in today’s musical landscape, social media platforms act as an opportunity to show their work to the world, and after a single retweet, her video was given the chance to do just that.

Ready Pa Ti” is a dance anthem that had us on our feet, and we can’t wait to see what great things this fire-infused, soulful, R&B artist will do next. Enjoy.


Video: Josefina Pieres 

Sound: The Guild Live