Tigre Den: Xperimento ft. Manu Manzo – “Chan Chan” (Buena Vista Social Club Cover)

What happens when a group of talented artists get together to create a cover of one of our favorite songs? Magic. Venezuelan R&B songstress, Manu Manzo, took the Tigre Den stage with Miami’s own Latin funk outfit, Xperimento. With a dreamy, canopied jungle bungalow created by VACO studio, it was a perfect backdrop for this Island paced, reggae-fueled, soulful rendition of Buena Vista Social Club’s international hit. The fusion these musicians have together is on another level, and we’re loving their individual careers currently as much as we’re loving this immersion.

Manu recently released her new single, Pobre Diablo –  part of her newest album, “Luna En Geminis”, created during the height of the global pandemic. The song explores honest themes around heartbreak, even including a snippet from a personal voice note, while her album speaks to her zodiac moon sign. The album, like her Gemini moon, speaks to authentic, honest, emotions that many of us can relate to. Xperimento released their lyric video last year for their song, Ni Idea, and the band continues to grace Miami with their unforgettable performances.

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From High Cedro, I head for Marcané
Then from Cueto I set out for Mayarí

The feelings I have for you
I cannot deny
My mouth waters
And I can’t stop it

When Juanica and Chan Chan
Were sieving sand in the sea
As she shook the sieve
It hurt Chan Chan to watch her

Clear the way of straw
For I wish to sit myself down
On that tree-trunk I see
I can go no further

From High Cedro, I head for Marcané
Then from Cueto I set out for Mayarí