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5 Dancers Creating Great Content in the Afro Dance Movement

Pandemic or otherwise, dance videos are an addictive channel for creative content. In recent years, the Afro-House genre has taken a serious upturn in popularity thanks, in part, to a crew of badass dancers shedding light on the sound through killer dance moves. Here are a few we can’t get enough of:

Kenney Tonge

This NYC-based, Antigua-born dancer is launching a new dance platform called Afroconex, which focuses on creating cultural connections through Afro based dances. Through the platform users will be able to purchase dance stories that give a deeper look into the dancer and dances” in progress.

Malaika Salatis

Creole born and raised on Reunion Island, a French department in the Indian Ocean off of Madagascar’s East coast, Malaika Salatis represents a fusion of cultures and histories through her dance moves. She brings an editorial-style level of finesse to everything that she does, from modeling to movement and beyond.


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Westsyde Crew

These pioneers in Afro dance are from Nigeria, and bring a heavy amount of rooted pride in everything that they do. Their motto is, unsurprisingly, “To Propagate Afro Urban Kulture and Lifestyle, and Secure its Legacy for Generations to come” and through their colorful choreography and song choices, they do just that.


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Marcelo Mendes

Given that Brazil’s history is steeped in African culture, we’re not surprised to see the Afro dance movement take flight along its coasts and colorful streets. Marcelo Mendes is a choreographer as well as a dancer, but he takes the movement to the next level by also teaching communities on African dance to spread the good word.


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Manuel Kanza

In Angola, we have one of the most classic and simple dancers on the list: Manuel Kanza. He gets straight to the traditional, smooth style of kuduro and Afro house dance, and aside from also being a filmmaker, he founded Afro Kanza, an online teaching platform many classes of which take place in his studio, Inspiradanza.


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