Courtesy of the Artist

Santi & Tuğçe is the Paraguayan-Turkish Fusion You Need Right Now

In a time where many of the world’s countries and societies feel remarkably polarized, we can always count on music to be a connecting bridge between cultures. Santi & Tuğçe brings together two countries otherwise entirely unlinked–Paraguay and Turkey–and somehow makes the fusion sound wholly familiar.

The musical duo, currently out of Berlin, brings together a vibrant mosaic of influences and ideas from all over the world: soulful melodies, colorful instrumentation, dreamy harmonies, and surgically engineered dance-floor beats, informed by years of Santi’s training in music composition and computer science along with Tuğçe’s studies in jazz vocals and creative writing.

Because their linked cultures are already so surprising, everything they touch just seems to work so well. They’re riding on the high of several critically-acclaimed EPs, and their latest single, “Bulut”, released October 23rd. In a time when the world needs to find areas of similarities rather than differences, this duo–and their powerful new track–serve as a beautiful reminder that music can bind anyone and anything together.

The track is a slow building, rhythmic chat that begins on the instrumental side for much of the song, only to burst open with Tuğçe’s stellar vocals. It feels like a call to the spirit, and is perfect for a morning yoga or gratitude session.